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Cookie PlattersThis product contains ingredients that were locally grown.

Available in either 18 or 24 count. Choose from a variety of cookie flavors to make your platter, including our super-soft Chocolate Chip Cookies made with Taza Chocolate. Our Chipless Cookies are similar in taste to a shortbread cookie but much softer in texture, not so buttery, and have a hint more sweetness. Our chipless cookies are great on their own or for dunking in a hot beverage.


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GrowlersThis product contains ingredients that were locally grown.

These half-gallon, glass growlers are perfect for meetings, parties, catered events, or when you’re hosting guests. At 64oz, they serve 8 cups each. They come filled with the following beverages:

Cold Brew Coffee: We brew Dean’s Beans Marrakesh Express roast in cold water for 24 hours  to create a smooth, iced coffee with low acidity and chocolatey flavor notes. Stays fresh in the refrigerator for one week.

Ginger Limeade: Made in-house from fresh ginger root and hand squeezed limes. This beverage is especially refreshing without being over-powering. Add a splash of gin for an grown-up twist!

Mulled Cider: Our fall seasonal specialty. We mull apple cider with our own blend of 6 different spices and fresh fruit for a more complex twist on New-England favorite. Enjoy warm or cold.


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When you are finished with your beverage, you can bring back your growler to have it refilled or, return it to receive your deposit back.