National Cheesecake Day

Our favorite holiday, National Cheesecake Day, is celebrated each year on July 30th. We think a holiday this great merits a quite a celebration… so prepare yourself for the party of the year. Trust us… this is going to be big.

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As part of the festivities, you can look forward to:
-Cheesecake Tastings
-Tamales and savory food by Tex Mex Eats
-Cheesecake Eating Competitions
-Selfie photo booth station
-So. Much. Cheesecake.

Mark your calendars. Tell your friends. Prepare yourselves… you’re not going to want to miss this.

Cheesecake Eating Competition

Because glory is not given, it is earned.


We will have four competitions throughout the day: 11:00am, 12:00pm, 1:30pm and 2:30pm

Participants get 5 minutes against fellow competitors to eat as much Classic Cheesecake as they can get (and keep) down.

We’ll be pitting contestants against each other in groups of 5 at a time. The winner of each shift will receive a 7ate9 Bakery t-shirt. Contestants will also be striving to unseat our current winner, Hongjie. Should you be the overall winner for the day AND unseat our current winner, you will also receive a dozen Mini Cheesecakes free, every month, for the next year.

Current Cheesecake Eating Champions:

1 – Hongjie Lin:  764g  –  1.6843lbs
2 – Hannah Villhauer:  704g  –  1.5520lbs
3 – William Haoudi:  655g  –  1.4440lbs
4 – Shawn Davis:  615g  –  1.3558lbs
5 – Manjit Swah:  586g  –  1.2919lbs

We recommend advanced registration as the number of slots we have is limited. Registration for the competition is $10.00 per participant. You may request a spot in our competition for yourself and/or a group below: