Over the past two years, 7ate9 Bakery has received immense love from the greater Boston community, resulting in enormous growth. We are preparing for the next big steps in our cheesecake world and continuing to evaluate how we can best grow and put Boston on the map for some of the nation’s best cheesecake.

In the coming months, 7ate9 Bakery will revving up its farmers market program and engaging in more events that put us on the ground in your neighborhood. We even hope to jump into a few pop-up shops.

To focus on this new avenue of growth, we will no longer be able to offer delivery service for our cakes. By discontinuing our delivery service, we will be better able to focus on regularly reaching your local communities. You may continue placing orders online for any item you wish, and pick up at your local farmers market or from the location in Winchester where we do our baking. Think of it as us having faux-storefronts in a whole lot of towns.

We’re looking forward to this next chapter in our growth and hope that you’re excited for what we have in store. As always, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.