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At 7ate9 Bakery, our biggest accomplishment is the love you show for our cakes.

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“As an ‘elder’ who cherished Lindy’s cheesecake in my younger days, I have now found its equal in 7ATE9 cheesecake.”
– Zelda C. from Bloomfield, CT
“My friend just gave me a piece of your cookies & cream cheesecake, and oh my goodness!! It was the most delicious thing I have eaten in a long time! I will highly recommend it, and order it for the next special occasion I can think of!”
– Amy B. from Melrose, MA
“I just had my first 7ate9 cheescakes. If my taste buds could talk, they woud be shouting, “DAYMN that’s gooooooood!” Everything about them is brilliant. Keep it up!!!”
– Dee Dee from Brooklyn, NY
“Thank you so very much for the lovely cheesecake. My friend absolutely loved it!! Also, your effort to ensure the surprise is not out until the cake is actually delivered is highly commendable:-) Only regret is being in India, I did not get a taste of it…i saw the wonderful pictures though (Must plan a trip to Boston soon!) Keep up the great work!”
– Shweta P. from India
“just got a cheesecake sent to me for my birthday, and it was possibly the best cheesecake i have ever eaten. thanks!!”
– Shachi P. from Lexington, MA
“Amazing! For several days I searched for an appropriate birthday cake over the internet. Checked about 30 sites. I thought I would have to settle up until I came across your site. Amazing pictures, reasonable price and payment option is suitable also for those who live over the sea. Luckily, I found that the service is amazing, and the taste (according to the reciever) is unbelievable. To quote: “The BEST cheescake I’ve ever had!”. Without a doubt, I will recommend to anyone (i know) who comes to Boston!”
– Anya from Israel
“I was at the Cambridge indoor Farmers Market yesterday and bought a mini cheesecake. The balance of denseness/lightness was spot on. Cheesecake is a guilty pleasure for many people like me, so when I take a chance on a new one (it’s such a risk–there are many inferior cheesecakes out in the world), it’s such a positive experience when it hits the mark and then some (the more pleasure, the less guilt). You all work very hard and it shows.”
– Monica V. from Cambridge, MA
“I tried a fancy downtown restaurant’s cheesecake today and was very excited about it. I realllllly did not like it. I think I have been spoiled by 7ate9’s cheesecakes and haven’t tried others in awhile. I should have stuck to 7ate9!”
– Hannah Frigand from Somerville, MA
“Growing up in NY, I am EXTREMELY particular about my cheesecake. I was at a dinner party this weekend and experienced the most fabulous cheesecake I’ve had in years. I had to rush home and look up 7ate9 and am now obsessed with finding a way to get down to Mass. to get some and taste what sounds like a wonderful variety of selections. I wish it was available in NH. Can’t wait to have it again!”
– Larry Siegel from Windham, NH
“Thanks very much for making your cakes available by delivery! We bought one of your chocolate raspberry cakes and several mini cakes at the Cambridge market on Sunday and fell in deeply in love. We’ve read all of your press…it looks like a great business. We’re hoping to do our share to keep it going for you. We love cheesecake!!!”
– K.C. from Watertown, MA
“The stuffed cheesecake is absolutely divine!”
– Jenelle Acosta from Lowell, MA
“I picked up a plain mini cheesecake on impulse at Harvard Sq Farmer’s Market yesterday. Your cheesecake is sin incarnate — it’s ruined me for all others. Insanely good…..”
– Liz from Boston, MA
“OMG cheesecake arrived… got cake delivered, knife out, fork in hand, piece devoured …it was to DIE for. It was fabulously undeniably good. It is as cheesecake should be, not the wimpy fluff with a 50% crust to 50% filling ration some places call cheesecake. This is cheesecake. Does this sound over the top? I don’t care I am in cheesecake ecstasy. I will most definitely be buying more an recommending to all my friends and family.”
– Cindy H. from Reading, MA
“I ordered two cheesecakes for my sister and had them delivered as a surprise. While I didn’t get to taste the cheesecake (being almost 500 miles away), my sister said great things. 7ate9’s service was spectacular! They were extremely friendly and helpful. Customer service doesn’t get much sweeter!”
– Lauren from Frederick, MD
“As a resident of Brooklyn, I have tried my share of cheesecake, including world famous Junior’s, and 7ate9’s cheesecake is simply the best I have ever had the pleasure of eating. Tastes great and always fresh, which is hard to find. If I lived in the Boston area, this would be a weekly treat!”
– Nate K. from Brooklyn, NY
“OMG!!!!! It’s almost like it melts in your mouth. Reallyyyy gooddd….. I ordered a 9 inch blackberry cheesecake and the mini cakes. All were so excellent. If I had 100 thumbs they would all be up……..”
– Suzy from Newburyport, MA
“I really like cheesecakes but everywhere I go and see cheesecake now, I never order them because I know I’ll be disappointed once I eat them and they don’t taste like 7ate9 cheesecakes, especially Cheesecake Factory.”
– Oanh P. from Dorchester, MA
“7ate9’s pumpkin cheesecake is the best I’ve had! Better than Whole Foods’ pumpkin cheesecake, better than the Cheesecake Factory’s pumpkin cheesecake. It is pumpkiny perfection!”
– Nicholas A. from Newton, MA
“7ate9 Bakery makes the best cheesecake I have ever tasted! Several of my friends love cheesecake and so we always go to the cheesecake factory, but Sarah definitely has a customer in me”
– Jessica
“I ordered the blackberry cheesecake for my mother’s birthday and it was probably the best cheesecake I have ever had. The only thing I’m struggling with is whether I should order something else or stick with the blackberry since it was perfect.”
– Mark M. from Melrose, MA
“Usually the only place I ever eat cheesecake is when I am at the Cheesecake Factory.  I noticed the hot new item ‘Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake’ and I knew I had to give it a try.  I must say that the mix of peanut butter cups and cheesecake were remarkable.  I think I have a new go to place for my cheesecakes.  Thanks 7ATE9!”
– Scott S. from Waltham, MA
“I’m not much of a sweets person, but I have to admit, the 7ate9 chocolate cheesecake was just unreal. The chocolate shavings toppings was generous and the cake was creamy, fluffy, and rich. I would love to see what else they come up with!”
– Ann Nguyen from Saugus, MA
“Great food starts with looks… and the cheesecakes from 7ate9 look decadent and elegant! The Oreo cookie crust is simply perfection, and it balances the cheesecake and toppings beautifully. 7ate9 has definitely raised the bar, and I can’t wait to try more of their products.”
– Katherine Steevens from Boston, MA

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